Hi, my name is Niels

I am a Berlin based ... well, what am I? I pondered the question for a while and in the end wrote “product developer” on my business card. You could also say I am a PM/UX hybrid. But I am also an Agile Coach.

I just love helping teams develop products, fulfilling the role of either UX designer, product manger/PO or agile coach. Or sometimes a mix of all three. A lot of times my task was simply to enable teams to build their software with agile methods. And it helped tremendously to have worked in different roles before as I could fill the gaps.

There are two archetypes of product developers: You are either half business intelligence or half designer / engineer. I am the latter one.

If you look for someone who likes to be knee deep in the tech stack, run a cross-functional team (or help someone to run it agile) and keep a teams focus based on business metrics - I am the right person for the job.

Or maybe you need an agile coach with a wider experience who can help your team’s skills grow. In both cases why give me a call so we can talk about your product and your team’s need.

My philosophy? Ceate user journeys, use UML to describe processes and logic and build wireframes - then work with experiments. Involve the whole team. Do our research homework. And use prototyping where needed. My experience leading cross-functional teams helps me with both the creation and the assessment of feasibility of concepts.

You can find my CV here or write me an eMail

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About me

Niels Loew | Bornholmer Strasse 88 | D-10439 Berlin

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